For example, You can receive the campaign rate below.

You can use the service with an agency rate.

How to Book

11 companies 1041 Outlets You can rent cars at all airports, major train stations and majour cities.
Nissan Rent a Car All Japan 285 Outlet(s)
Nippon Rent a Car All Japan 583 Outlet(s)
Budget Rent A Car All Japan 77 Outlet(s)
TOYOTA Rent a Car SHINSAPPORO Hokkaido 21Outlet(s)
JR Hokkaido Car Rental Hokkaido 12 Outlet(s)
Honda Rent a Car Hokkaido 3 Outlet(s)
Nikku Rental Car Hokkaido 1 Outlet
Orix Rent A Car Kanto Koushinetsu Tokai 30 Outlet(s)
OPEN Air Rental Cars Shikoku 1 Outlet
Sky Rent A Car Kyushu Okinawa 15 Outlet(s)
ABC Rent A Car Okinawa 1 Outlet

Other than the above will be excluded. we plan to access with all of car companies with in 2016

We offer the most fulfilled service relevant to rental cars.

Snow Tires Rental multi-language GPS Rental ETC card Rental WiFi router
Reservation Procedure

ToCoo! has made agent contracts with many travel agencies all over the world.
We are now holding the trial campaign in which you can make a reservation with a distributor rate though it's for limited time.
You can utilize this service as many times as you like within the limited period.

1) Please make sure to check □Distributor.
If you are looking for a car in a fixed schedule, please specify the period of use after uncheck the [Undecided].
You can utilize all the plans shown in the list.
*You can reserve at most 180 days ahead of time.
*Distributor rate is not available if you do not check it.
*Please make sure to check □Distributor ,to search again.

2)Please note matters below because the application form is designated for agents.

①Please fill the distributor ID = 2015109 below in the colomn for an agency ID on the application form.
You can use the service with an agency rate.

②Please fill your own Email address in the colomn 「Email」 although it says
「※Please fill in an agent's Email address」 right below the colomn.

③Please fill your won driver's license number in the colomn 「International driver's license number」although it says
「※Please fill in "109"if the customer's license number is unknown.」 right below the colomn.

  [TAS and Conpensation Coverage]
  You are automatically included in TAS and Conpensation Coverage.
  ※At most 200,000 yen would be covered in case of an accident.

We send you a confirmation mail after your application. Please click the URL within the mail to finish the reservation.
After click the URL, we will send you the confirmation mail to the registered E-mail address.
There is no cancellation fee for canncellation by 7 days ahead of time. You would be fully refunded.  
 [payment method]
  It is a pre-payment using a credit card.
  you have not to pay at outlet.

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