ETC Card Rental

Pick Up & Return Method






3.Receive package


4.Start using




6.We receive the


7.Calculate Toll fee


8.Charge Toll fee on the registered credit card


9.Refund the deposite

Reservation can submit latest by 5 days before pick up date.

Start Booking Process


Usually, we ship your package and other options up to 3 days prior to your pick-up day.
Also, the post office will be able to deliver the package earliest by 1 day before pick up date usually.
However it can NOT be promised since it depending on the post office.

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About Pick Up

You can pick up ETC card from your arrival airport or the hotel you will be staying at.
We will send it to the selected airport's post office or hotel's check in counter for you.
When renting ETC card at the same time with Wi-Fi router, you can pick up together at the airport counter or at a designated post office/hotel.

— 8 of the main international airports (post office within the airport) — > Airport Post Office List

  • New Chitose Airport
  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 or Terminal 2
  • Haneda Airport
  • Chubu International Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Itami Airport
  • Kagoshima Airport
  • Naha Airport
  • Recommended Post offeices near airports(long open hours) in case that airport post offices are closed. > The Post office near Airport
  • *We will send you the location for pick up ETC card in the confirmation mail.
  • *When pick up the package from post office in the airport, please tell the post office staff you would like to pick up the package from ToCoo.
  • *When pick up the package , personal identification document like passport is required
  • *Please be aware of the business hours for each post office.
  • *Post office at Haneda Airport and Chubu International Airport is close on Sat, Sun, and public holidays.
    Please choose to pick up at the hotel outside of the business hours.
  • *In case pick up from hotel or other location, please ask front desk for the package.
  • *When making the reservation, please enter hotel name, address and telephone number.
— NOTE —
*Can NOT pick up from the rental car outlet.
*When pick up the package, please check you have received ETC card and return envelope.
Deposit of 15,000 yen from the registered credit card will be required.

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Start Using

ETC card is confirmed.

  • ETC card can be use on all car class from all rental company. (If car is equipped with ETC device)
  • Please insert the ETC card into ETC device, when driving the rental car.
    If the card is ok, light on the device will be green.
    If it is red light, it is not useable.
  • Be sure to take out the ETC card when return the car.

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Returning Package


  • Please put the ETC card into the return envelope that came with the package, and bring it to a post box.
  • Do not need to write anything on the envelope.
  • Can send from any post box in Japan.
  • Can also send from post office or convenient stores (LAWSON, MINISTOP or SEICOmart)
  • When renting ETC card with Wi-Fi router at the same time, please return it together with Wi-Fi.

Start Booking Process

Can use any post box in Japan!

Post Office Post Office 24,500 locations
Post box Post box 192,300 locations
Convenient store LAWSON LAWSON 11,000 stores
SEICOmart SEICOmart 1,100 stores

*Please note after entered the departure gate, there is no post box.

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Toll fee calculation method

ETC Card Reader

  • After we received the ETC card, we will check ETC card history and charge from the registered credit card.
  • No need to spend time to calculate the toll fees.
  • At the payment, 3% handling charge will be incurred.
  • The toll fee is finally decided within 24 hours after we receive the return ETC card.
  • After a calculation the deposit will be refunded in your credit card account.
  • *In the case of receiving the return card on Sat. Sun. and Japanese national holiday, the final calculation will be on next business day.

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Pick up at the designated location.

Airport Post office

post office

  • Can pick up the ETC Card here at the post office in the airport.
  • When pick up, please provide passport to confirm the name of the applicant.
  • Can only pick up within the business hours of the post office.

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The Post office near Airport

Recommended Post offeices near airports(long open hours) in case that airport post offices are closed.

The Post office near Airport

You can receive a package (WIFI router,ETC card, SIM card) at a post office near an aiprort if you cannot pick it up at a post office in an airport.
Please fill the information of a post office that you prefer from the list below in the "Hotel Name" box on the application form, when you making a reservation online.
Please show a post office staff your passport as your ID (It must be the same name on a reservation).
Please be aware that you pick it up during their open hours.
* Please designate a post office near your accommodation (Ex. Airbnb *You cannot receive it at Airbnb) if you still cannot use any post offices on the list below.
Please fill the all information of your designated post office in the "Hotel Name" box on the application form, when you making a reservation online.

Start Booking Process


Extension of rental period

Extension of the ETC card rental period is possible. Every additional rental day has a cost of 324 yen (incl. tax).
The application for an extension of the rental period might not be if the ETC card has already been promised to another customer and there is not stock available.


There is no cancellation fee as long as the cancellation has been done at least 7 days before the scheduled pick-up day of the card.
If the cancellation is done less than 7 days before scheduled pick-up day of the card there will be no refund of the rental fee.
For cancellation, please submit a request using this link.