Commemorating the release of New Type "NOTE"
A trial campaign that you can choose and drive!

Do you prefer Electric car? Gasoline engine car?

To celebrate the release of the new type "NOTE", we are launching "Choosable "NOTE" Campaign"!
Furthermore, you have an opportunity to win a discount coupon for up to 5,000 yen now!

NOTE e-POWER (P-H2) Car class NOTE (P-2)
Electric car Drive Gasoline engine car
1,198 Displacement (cc) 1,200
34.0km Fuel consumption/L 22.6km
4,100 Total length (mm) 4,020
1,695 Total width (mm) 1,690
1,525 Total height (mm) 1,545
9,180 yen
[7,560 yen]
Regular fee (24 hours)
[Price after the first day (1 day)]
7,560 yen
[5,940 yen]
8,100 yen
[7,020 yen]
Campaign fee (24 hours)
[Price after the first day (1 day)]
6,480 yen
[5,400 yen]

[ How to book NOTE e-POWER ]

  1. Select the plan of NOTE you like from the search list.

  2. Select "e-POWER" from "Choose option".

  3. Please fill in the necessary items and complete reservation.


  • Multilingual GPS (mandatory): 1,080 yen/24 hours
  • Compensation Coverage (selectable): 1,080 yen/24 hours

Discount coupon application form

All applicants get a discount coupon of 1,000 yen for your reservation from ToCoo!.
Furthermore, 5 prize winners will get a discount of 5,000 yen!

This promotion was closed.

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Conditions and Notes for Applying

Campaign implementation period 2017/11/7 – 2017/11/20
Coupon usage period 2017/11/13 – 2018/3/31
* Available only for bookings that your car will be returned by 2018/3/31.
* Not available between 2017/12/28 - 2018/1/5.
Application summary
  • The discount coupon for 1,000 yen will be sent to the registered e-mail address within 3 business days after entry.
  • We will contact the prize winner of 5,000 yen discount directly by 2017/11/24.
  • The prize winners of 5,000 yen discount required to email us with your reservation number before your trip.
  • You cannot use two coupons on the same reservation. 1 coupon for each reservation.
  • Discount tickets issued by other companies can also not be used together.